How to Order

Create Account

Please register from New Customers.

1.Register from New Customers.

If you are a new customer、please create your account. Click a button「New Customers」located in upper right corner.

2.Enter Your Info

Please Enter your information(*required field)and make sure to read Terms and Conditions, if agreed, check「Terms and Conditions.」box to continue.

*For security purpose, we DO NOT inclued account ID in the confirmation email.
Please be sure to store in safe and secure place when you create an account.
This process needs to be done within 30mins.
Otherwise the session will be automatically ended and you need to start over.

3.Confirmation Email

When all the steps of registration are completed, a confirmation email will be sent to the registerd email address automatically.
You will need the password when login, so please do not forget to store in safe plase。

Please review the information provided for registration in case of typo(s) or wrong information. If there is any, Please contact us as soon as possible.

Place an Order

1.Go to ONLINE ORDER and select desired product.

Please pick desired products from TOP LEFT of Header Menu ONLINE ORDER

2.Please check your order details.

The longer business days, the better price it will be.
"Business days" does not inclued Saturdays, Sundays and National Holidays.

<Example> When you place an order on Jun 1st of Monday with "5 Business days",
the order will be ready on Jun 8th, Monday.
From there, we will ship the order.

3.Please click "Add to Cart"

If you are ready to place an order, simply click "Add to Cart" to proceed to payment.

Pay with Credit Card (pay in advanced (tax + shipping inclued))

1.In the process of ordering, Order details will be shown, Please review the order details and fill out the information if needed.

We DO NOT store credit card information.
The card information you submit will be redirected to the credit card company.
Therefore, we DO NOT take ANY responsibilities of fraud or information theft.

Steps to Submit your data

1.After completed the order,Upload your data from "My Page"

Be sure to compress the data when submitting.
We sugest that compress the data before submitting.

When you upload the same data file, please follow the same steps as the first time you submit the data.
At the time, changing the file name would prevent from any error when printing you data.

Cancel Order

※No cancel fee if you cancel BEFORE upload your data.
※If cancel AFTER the data sumitted,50% of total price will be charged.
※If the order process is already in printing,TOTAL amount will be charged even if you cancel the order.
※Although there is some case that we do not charge for extra option that you add on.
When you want to cancel, make sure to give us a call or contact via Contact Form.
Be sure to mention/indicate the Order Number when contacting.
You may check Order Number in "My Page"